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Background is an arm of LearnHall that offers professional academic writing services to students at all levels of education.

With the upcoming launch of an on-demand program, my objective was to (1) design the  landing page for their website and (2) webpage specific to the on-demand program..


February 2023

Project role

Part the website design on Figma, and worked alongside the product team (i.e. designer and developers) to build, test and launch both desktop and mobile versions of the website.


  • Ultimately, the goal was to ensure the narrative of the landing page is structured to promote WritingBA’s value proposition and flagship programs to the intended target audience; primarily founders, aspiring students, tutors and professionals in the education ecosystem.
  • For the upcoming on-demand program, the objective was to showcase the course curriculum and details, as well as gather interest for (1) a private beta phase and (2) the public launch.

"How might we clearly showcase WritingBA's services and promote its flagship offerings?"

Site Map

Core focus of the website redesign

Core Designs

Landing page

Core focus of the website redesign


Sign up



I started the website with a header that succinctly encapsulates WritingBA’s services , as well as general statistics to showcase the network of venture fellows and alumni in the region.

Next, I structured the following sections of the website as though I was a potential stueent considering signing up for WBA’s programs. What would I want to find out at each stage of the journey / experience?

The three key questions identified were:

  • Who is this service for? Is this the right program for me?
  • What are the benefits of the service?
  • What next? Going forward, how can I leverage my learning in propelling my education?

To answer the above questions, I designed the narrative of the website by highlighting the core target audience of the programs (e.g. students of various academic levels), the key tangible outcomes of the service, and finally the exit pathways available to them post-program (joining the community).

In addition, I coordinated the building of the redesigned landing page with the product team, including copywriting and QA testing to ensure that the website was responsive and working as it should.


Content before design

Through this project, I fully appreciated the importance of planning ahead to determine the content structure and copy prior to focusing on the design. Framing design decisions around content (e.g website layout, interactions) is a much more efficient approach. And part of the content also involves obtaining and consolidating the design assets to be used; pictures, illustrations, graphics, links, icons etc.

Agile and prioritization

Having had no prior experience on the Agile and Scrum methodologies, this experience taught me to identify and prioritize design decisions / changes to be developed. To ensure optimal use of the developers’ time, I learnt to withhold minor design changes that would not make a significant impact on the website. In addition, I gained an appreciation for the trade-offs between design and development; that there are times when a workaround is needed as the intended design is unable to be developed due to technical limitations (or inefficient codes).

End of project walkthrough

Thank you for your time.

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